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New Blood
Something completely new:
I had a nice idea for a Blood Game. You take a 3D model and convert it to a 2D-sprite in real-time. This gives you nice smooth animations and more than 8 angles of view on monsters.
Works fine on high framerate. I tried to keep the pixeled graphic-style of Blood
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Guy Fawkes on 2017-05-20 comment
Does this modify the original engine or replace it with a new one? Also could you please make this into a DOS executable? Not all of us use Windows nor enjoy using WINE.

on 2017-05-05 comment
It's not much so far and the zombies look downgraded.
Doesn't excite me at all at this stage.

Caleb88 on 2017-03-22 comment
on a homebrewed game engine. The world and everything is made with Blender, and Blender is free.
Lightning/Shading works like in Build, colored Rooms.

Here is a better view on the shading and another monster too:

bifurcator on 2017-03-22 comment
It is realy great!
On what engine is this done?
Are there any free development tools?
What about the lighting / shading model?

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