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Blood 3 Tech Demo
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Because I want a Blood 3 and neither Monolith nor anybody else makes it I have to make it on my own. And here are my first results of a game I will work on the next weeks, months...ect.
Here you can find a thread for more informations on my project.
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Gideon on 2017-03-20 comment
New progress, new look:

BME on 2015-05-12 comment
What's going to be finished first? Twigs rage or Blood 3?

BME on 2013-08-15 comment
So how's that first map you are working on?
The one that starts in a room with some pipes and a coffin.

BME on 2012-12-13 comment
Very nice to hear!
Modeling you say? Can you also do new voxels perhaps?

Caleb88 on 2012-08-13 comment
The work on the game is still in progress and I am currently learning better modelling ,texturing as well as animating 3d-objects. My blood 3 fan-project is not given up, just to let you know!

BME on 2012-06-19 comment
4 months have passed; how's it going?

Jeremias on 2012-03-22 comment
I´m a grate fan of Blood and this is a good idea to create a new part of blood, if monolith doesn´t do it

wish you the the best for it

let people who love blood the same as me be up 2 date with new news about your project

Caleb88 on 2012-03-20 comment
I promise to do my very best! What you played here was only a first try-out of the thing I am just developing. The engine is ready, weapons are ready and enemies are ready. Everything I need now is content, MAPS. And I discovered that I am not the best mapper so I will also give away the developing tools, hoping that some old blood-freaks will use them and create something worth playing.

BME on 2012-03-10 comment
I'm not sure what direction you want to go with it but I hope it will be some sort of remake of the atmosphere of Blood 1 as much as possible and on top of that all the extras like fog and filtered graphics, modern lighting effects etc. It would be nice to import the textures of Blood 1 but I think they will look very blurry since the resolution is not that high so perhaps they need some re-styling in 512x512 or so (sort of Duke3D's HRP but for Blood)

SpillSomeBlood on 2012-02-25 comment
This is good for now considering it is VERY early on. Try not to flaunt it because everything related to making a modern version of blood seems to fall apart before getting to completion. I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the astonishing work!

BME on 2012-02-25 comment
This promises to be fun

Caleb88 on 2012-02-24 comment
Just want to say that I coded this whole thing on my own, the engine, graphics, sounds and everything is my work. And I didn't mention: When you press E you can kick enemies (to death)!!
Tekedon on 2012-02-24
Yeah, and it's incredible work! :) keep it up! Yeah the foot was a nice touch.. found it on my own! :) kind of like the mighty foot in Duke.

Tekedon on 2012-02-24 comment
Not much to go on here, but what you have so far seems very nice! I like the gun model and it's animation very much, very blood like.. the enemy model could be improved some on though.. but I'm guessing it isn't the final version. I hope this project will be finished! Looking forward to it!

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