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Map "Office building"

Office building
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Made a small bloodbath map in about 1½ day only. 2 - 4 players is the maximum I would recommend. It's a small office building with 3 overlapping floors (car garage, office floor and rooftop). Most rooms have multiple entrypoints. If you find warps or bugs or some flickering.. it is because the floors are really overlapping, so not only a stack trick (allthough there are a couple of stacks). I hope you enjoy.
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Sir Seizhak on 2016-08-02 comment
Nice map. Reminds me 'Monolith Building II' somehow.
on 2016-08-03
texture-wise, yes.

BME on 2016-07-26 comment
Small but nice design. It can be quite a pain in the side to get multiple overlapping floors to work without any trouble, let alone to edit it once it's already in place.

Tekedon on 2016-07-26
Thanks. :) yeah it's a pain.. Best way is to build every floor beforehand and then move them on top of eachother and connect them.
BME on 2016-07-26
Yup that's the way. A teleporter elevator like in Duke would make it much easier but unfortunately Blood does not have such a sector effect, it can only be done with a Stack as far as I know.
Tekedon on 2016-07-27
I tried to make "duke3d teleporting" elevators in blood once using upper/lower link. but was unsuccessful.. caleb got stuck in midair and strange stuff like that.. but it was a fun experiment.
BME on 2016-08-01
I've tried that too a couple of times but somehow it seems the upper/lower link does not move with the sector as one would normally expect.

Tekedon on 2016-07-25 comment
Thanks, yeah just noticed that one medikit is unpickable somehow. Yup proxies might be too useful on this one.. might upload another version in the near future that is fixed.

Gunz(Two.guns) on 2016-07-25 comment
Its not a bad bb, medkit does not work, i would take the proxies out. But not bad map 3.5 out 5. :) me and ocpjr played it a few rounds.

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