Map "Slums 2 (unfinished failed project)"

Slums 2 (unfinished failed project)
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
I decided to upload this map as a failed project finally. Because it does NOT have the same feeling as the first map, not satisfied with it. I need to redo it from scratch for it to actually be worthy to be "Slums 2". So just see this as a failed random city map by me, please do NOT see it as a sequel to the first map. It's not done so it does not have any ending. But you can enjoy what is there.
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KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2016-05-19 comment
Lol, not finished map yet, why upload then. Funny idea, lol.
Tekedon on 2016-05-19
Since it won't ever be finished, failed/cancelled project. Figured the Blood community at least deserve to get to play what is there, especially since I teased this project in videos. I respect our small yet strong community.
kn0wn on 2016-05-21
Better a good unfinished map than no map at all.

I feel this map lacks the solidity of the first map, it rather has many loose parts that are very distinct from eachother that do not 'glue' well together or something. I guess that is why it has failed?
Tekedon on 2016-05-22
True. It just did not have the right feeling or atmosphere. I'll try to do it justice some day.

Tekedon on 2016-05-19 comment
If anyone wants to finish this or use it as a base for something else, feel free to do so :)
Nightsmoke on 2016-06-01
I will! Thanks.
Tekedon on 2016-06-02
Cool, will be interesting to see what you do with it :)
BME on 2016-06-06
Great, looking forward to it, succes! 8D

Tekedon on 2016-05-15 comment
This is the latest version. I skipped the shopping mall and wanted to make something else there at the end. That's why it's gone. But I have not touched this map in almost a year now.
BME on 2016-05-16
Seems like the vibe lost for this one shifted to Count of Wallachia.
Looking forward to the redo version

BME on 2016-05-14 comment
Is this the latest version with the unfinished shopping mall at the end?
There are some cool ideas in this map so far though but indeed a long way from being finished but still very enjoyable to play

I think there are some Tekky maps waiting to be finished that are even better


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