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Map "Corrupted village"

Corrupted village
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
bifurcator |
In this map, I tried to create the most authentic natural surroundings and architecture of the unholy cultists village.
As planned is a third card from the episode "The Cult", in which the Kaleb cleans remnants of the influence of cultists in our world.
I will be glad your commentaries and justified criticism.
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Tekedon on 2017-06-14 comment
Works wonderful with BloodGDX

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2016-03-20 comment
Hello Nemo!
Of course i'm using Win98SE to play Blood. I am going to play this map in my windows 98 computer then. What do you mean with native dos? What means; under native dos? Ah nah, that's ugly to play in lower res like 320 x 200 Pixels.
on 2016-03-25
native = real dos

Nemo on 2016-03-16 comment

Check your 2 "blocking" walls that meet at x=10894,y=72847.

They're actually 1-way (the wrong way)blocking walls which allow the player to enter the background scenery but not exit.

Gorgeous map! :-)

(Frame rate poses no problem whatsoever under native DOS.)
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2016-03-20
Hello Nemo!
Of course i'm using Win98SE to play Blood. I am going to play this map in my windows 98 computer then. What do you mean with native dos? What means; under native dos? Ah nah, that's ugly to play in lower res like 320 x 200 Pixels.

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2016-03-12 comment
Too many sprites! I am getting tired of this game slowly, always peoples adding so much details. That's makes the game lag when use high resolutions. In slower computer anyway when using the dosbox! Regards.
1600x1200 on 2016-03-15
already mentioned before
maybe it's time to upgrade or else play in 320x200
Nemo on 2016-03-16
... OR, "downgrade" to a DOS-compatible machine and OS. (Win98SE supports this flawlessly, provided you're DOS-savvy enough to boot "native".)

bifurcator on 2016-02-19 comment
Thank you for your interest.
When will collect the cards in the release of whole episode, be sure to try to take into account your advice.
Now I do the next card - house, in which the hero gets out of the village.
In it I will implement a very different approach - without extremism in open spaces.
There will be the most beautiful architecture and interesting gameplay logic.
BME on 2016-02-21
Something else; there's a bug when going underwater and ending up in a underground chamber where where the player supposed to be above water where there is a key. It's located near the boat at the end of the river.

bifurcator on 2016-02-18 comment
Yes, unfortunately it is true.
The engine is not designed for such open spaces with high detail.
But I really wanted to create a map in which implemented what has never been in the Blood.
BME on 2016-02-18
I understand and you did a very good job at that but I think there are a couple of places that can be thinned out when it comes to sector usage as it can only be seen if one would look very careful.

For example, the stone paths could be made more straight, so less vertexes. The sector count in some quasi step-pyramidal hill structures could be reduced using a slope instead.
And perhaps the big structure where the player needs to go last could be on the other side of another mountain range.
BME on 2016-02-18
I did a small test, I removed the structure in the middle of the village with the massacred fat zombie and also blocked (white wall) the large structure (dagger door) and the frame rate is already much more acceptable in 640x480 when looking from different spots. If the 2 building with the sprite roofs would be relocated or build differently like half inside or under a mountain it would be even faster

BME on 2016-02-16 comment
I appreciate your effort in making a very natural looking map but..... in large areas where many sectors and sprites can be seen it lags, in some places the frame rate drops as low as 5/s.
Even in 320 x 240 it was sometimes slow but acceptable.

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