Map "Flesh and Metal"

Flesh and Metal
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Sir Seizhak
Caleb is on a dream which he can't escape. In order to finish this nightmare he must fight against his fears and foes. Seems the Cabal don't leave Caleb alone.

This level will be included in Cabal's Return Add-On.
3.2 (3 ratings)
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

theunbeholden on 2014-07-31 comment
Thanks for this! You should make a thread for it on the postmortem forums, and give us some updates every once and awhile on your addon. I'll try this map out.

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-06 comment
Cool map. A very lot of sprites that's why it is more than 400 KB ! That's called a SPRITE MAP!!! Great job!
I'll rate it to 4 + up. Kid regards KNUKE.

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-02 comment
This map has very big size! I saw on mapedit, that map looks big. I'll play it when i got time cause is very big and take some minutes to finish it! I think i will it try when i don't have to work... So i'll give feedback. The begin of the map in that small hall, looks, just awesome!!!!

thenight on 2014-06-20 comment
Finished! I really like the shading, lots of details(!) and enemy placing. 4,5/5
Great job Sir Seizhak!
BME on 2014-06-22
I would also give that rating, if I could vote that is.

thenight on 2014-06-17 comment
I'm stuck. I got four keys. Fire, dagger, spider and moon key. I can't find the moon key door.
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-19
I uploaded a video on YouTube playing this map.

Moon key is in the morgue. Moon key opens a supernatural barrier located in the flesh world.

Remember, collect 3 items (heart, head, life seed) before exit the level.
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-13
Me too! The same problem can't find moon door.

BME on 2014-06-16 comment
I read the Readme and saw this:
Installation : It's a simple installation. Get IZArc and
extract everything in Blood folder. Then go
to DosBOX and type 'blood quesos' to play.
blood quesos?
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-17

Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-16 comment
The map doesn't need Plasma Pak.

Please, read txt carefully next time
Known on 2014-06-16
Most people play OUWB anyway.
BME on 2014-06-16
I can't seem to make any changes when unticking the PP box, it changes back to PP after I clicked the 'apply changes' button.
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-17
BME: ok, no problem.

The Night: of course, but is necessary specify the version. Regular Blood version exist afterall and some people still playing (me, for example). Also, playability is very different between regular Blood and Plasma Pak.
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-17
Sorry, the last message was for Known, not The Night XD
thenight on 2014-06-17
What's going on here? XD

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