Map "Courts of War"

Courts of War
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Dwayne Anderson |
The final level that I will release for the remake of LOI2 entitled "Unfinished Business" before releasing the entire project. Set within a sector of the Scourge's fortress where they house their training facility and supply station.

Comes with new sounds that are automatically loaded into your sounds.rff when you play the game. The original sounds.rff will be backed up and reloaded once you exit.
3.8 (3 ratings)
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Josephges on 2015-06-27 comment
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BME on 2013-12-06 comment
Just the other day I played some of your other add-ons and besides the vast landscapes and/or well crafted structures they also seem to have the same kinda feature, namely; most of the time the player isn't forced to engage the enemy to proceed to another part of the map. Everything you create is above average but this is something you have to work on, good luck! :)
Dwayne Anderson on 2013-12-08
can you explain what you mean about this?
BME on 2013-12-08
Sure, what I basically mean is that the player can run through the map without much struggle. In other words; it's very easy to avoid almost any threat.

Now, to tackle this, to make the player must work harder so to speak, you could go for an area where the player is temporarily trapped until he has killed a certain number of enemies or until a certain amount of time has passed etc.
Dwayne Anderson on 2013-12-08
Do you have to do this in every map? Did I ever do this in any map?
BME on 2013-12-09
Not every map, the ones I was talking about are:

- Phantom Wood
- Plateau of Decay
- Hills of Iconoclast

These 3 can be accomplished without firing a shot.
Dwayne Anderson on 2013-12-09
I need more examples of what I can do to make the player have to work harder.
BME on 2013-12-09
maybe someone else can give you some more

Sir Seizhak on 2013-11-29 comment
The map isn't a very good one. The rooms are huge, too much symmetry - in Forsaken Crypt was some good symmetry, but this isn't the case -, and some new sounds hasn't good quality.

The lighting and shading was nice and the difficulty was right.

And thanks for include me in the txt file
Dwayne Anderson on 2013-11-29
What the heck do you mean by "symmetry"?
Sir Seizhak on 2013-11-29

In other words, geometrical symmetry. The same rooms and the same corridors.

Indeed, symmetry is beautiful and harmonious, but personally I don't recommend this type of maps.

If you still having any doubts just tell me and I'll try to explain my ideas better.

BME on 2013-11-29 comment
Nice and spacious architecture but some places are a bit empty. There's also a lot of symmetry going on, something we could already see in some of your previous maps. A lot of rooms do not have a real function other than looks and can be traversed rather fast. Could have had more enemies and some surprises, the map isn't that much alive I think. But I do appreciate the work.


thenight on 2013-11-28 comment
I like the sound of tommy gun!
There could be more enemies. Even at higher difficulty.

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