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Map "Forces"

(map requires Plasma Pack)
Decided to look over some old unfinished maps and finish them. This is the first one. A simple,small bloodbath map for 2 - 4 players. Nothing special. Just good slaughtering fun.
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NoOne on 2013-08-01 comment
You want wall crush or Ceiling crush? Ceiling crush does by Z-Motion (other already tell you). But you also make 100% death from Slide by Invisible sprite (Decoration only), Touch flag, and Caleb clone ;)
BME on 2014-03-07
But what happens if you touch the invisible sprite when the door is still open, the player will also die right?

samibutt on 2013-07-24 comment
thnx for help bme....another technique left for me in blood which i dont know is that how could we make a wall crush trap...i mean in some maps when we enter a sector the ceiling wall moves down and hits us and we can we make this trap?
BME on 2013-07-24
Z-MOTION sector type that gets triggered on ENTER.
Tekedon on 2013-07-24
In other words it's basically a door shaped differently.
BME on 2013-07-24
But make sure triggering will occur when the player is far enough inside the area with the falling ceiling so there is not enough time to get out.
BME on 2013-07-30
And don't forget to set CRUSH in the dialog.

samibutt on 2013-07-23 comment
nice map....... but how can we make a sector which is curved or circle?
BME on 2013-07-23
You can not make a circle right away, you always need to do it in 2 steps. Point at a side of a rectangle, then press [C] and move the cursor. If needed, you can also increase the amount of nodes by pressing [+]/[-] on the numpad. Finally press [SPACE] to accept.
BME on 2013-07-23
Or check my YouTube channel for an example.

Tekedon on 2013-07-22 comment
Cool! :) If anyone tries out this map I'd like to know how it plays. Haven't ever tried out this map myself in multiplayer so I kind of went with a feeling on what might work.

BME on 2013-07-21 comment
Nice little close quarters map with a few controllables

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