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Map "Unfinished train map for BAITD3"

Unfinished train map for BAITD3
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Train map I was working on for BAITD3 before it got cancelled. (unfinished)Needs BAITD3 demo to work correctly.. it will run anyway but will have a lot of missing sounds, sprites and textures.
3.5 (1 ratings)
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NoOne on 2012-12-23 comment
UPD: Played.

The map is RAW. Looks like Tekedon dont't finish this map when i cancell project so i can give only 3\5 :)

Some ideas about moving objects around train:
If player never falls from train you can do object with path sectors. Then this objects can spin around train with random speed?
BME on 2016-11-09
Random speed is most likely not possible.

NoOne on 2012-12-23 comment
Wow wow! Need chek it out xD

Blooder on 2012-12-16 comment
Need few trees, it is better to make a forest (outside the train) ----remove the wall--- need forest (for romantic). imho. Map nice! ;)

BME on 2012-12-13 comment
Looks nice so far, I like the moving parts outside which is a little extra to the E1M3 version. The interior is a bit odd in some places though but not bad.
Tekedon on 2012-12-13
Yeah it's sort of a "luxury train". Tried to make it original in some form since there are only "so many ways" a train can look.
BME on 2012-12-13
A train and also a plane is always some kind of difficult task; the proportions can not be exactly like in real life or else it would be too cramp. Caleb is running way too fast anyway.

Is this map going to be finished? Love to see 3AITD continued
Tekedon on 2012-12-13
We'll have to see. Uploaded it now because I thought that 3aitd was completly scrapped. Might finish it up someday if I come up with any good ideas for it.
BTW. I still have a copy of C2G which was also cancelled. :P
BME on 2012-12-13
hehe C2G, "already dead, it just doesn't know it yet"
seems a guy called spiker was right after all

Tekedon on 2012-12-13 comment
Link to 3aitd demo

htt p://
BME on 2012-12-13
(has a bit better installer) ;)

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