Map "Corpse Pile Dungeon"

Corpse Pile Dungeon
Single Player, BloodBath
Martin Brentnall
BloodBath (2-4, Trap Arena)

Details: An arena of rooms and corridors filled with creative traps and mystery! What's this hole in the ceiling, and why do body parts keep falling through it? What's beyond the "DEATH" door? Experiment with the switches to see what happens.
4.0 (2 ratings)
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MartinBrentnall on 2012-10-04 comment
The map runs slow on modern systems with DOSBox, but it runs very fast on a real DOS machine, even if the machine is relatively ancient, like my Athlon 700.

The map was built long before DOSBox. ;)
BME on 2012-10-05
DOSBox indeed doesn't seem to work that great.
One would expect a simple game like Blood run like a greased steam train but no.

samibutt on 2012-09-26 comment

samibutt on 2012-09-25 comment
thanks but when i block them bullets still pass through could we block bullets?
BME on 2012-09-25
press [H] and the wall will be a thick (purple) line.
BME on 2012-09-25
You should press it in 3D mode of course!
In 2D the High Tag dialog will come up.

Gargoyle on 2012-09-25 comment
That was a lot of heads. Your tricks could be a great advantage for sp maps.

BME on 2012-09-25 comment
The framerate is definitely not that great in some places,
I got 7 FPS in the starting area.

samibutt on 2012-09-22 comment
nice death traps.whemever i examine maps they have many pink lines in their do we make them?
BME on 2012-09-22
PURPLE = Blocked, use [B]
BLUE = Used by sliding sectors, use [K]
GREEN = Used by sliding sectors (opposite of Blue), use [K] twice
BME on 2012-09-22
Blue and Green sprites are also used with Z Motion Sprite sectors.

BME on 2012-09-16 comment
Nice BB map in the typical M.B. style; wacky places and strange traps. Can be a bit slow on the framerate in some places though.


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