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Map "Swamp Castle Beta 2"

Swamp Castle Beta 2
Single Player
Finally decided to release a second beta of this piece of crap map (gameplay wise) I'm not sure I'll ever finish it.. I'll move on to different unfinished maps of mine.. If anyone want's to use it/finish it for something.. feel free. You don't even need to credit me for it.. so here you go, beta 2.
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Nemo on 2013-05-08 comment

Beautiful map -- the ambience created by adding all those little details (fog, steam, etc.) is indeed superb.

I've played with the map some, and managed to eliminate the "ring" at the bottom of the mirroring harbor. (See my coments under "Reflecting Pool" for full details.)

But I'm curious -- what DID you plan to do with the map originally, and how many more sectors (about) would it have required? (I at least imagine the ship was intended to play more of a role than just scenery - true?)

And the throne room is really exquisite, but even there, some sectors could be eliminated without marked degradation to the overall appearance.

I guess what I'm getting at here is, this is just TOO good to leave unfinished. :)

SpillSomeBlood on 2012-02-05 comment
This looks very nice! You still have about 150 sectors left, make them count! This would make an interesting bloodbath map!
Tekedon on 2012-02-05
Yeah kinda lost inspiration even before reaching the limit because I couldn't do what I wanted with only 150 left.. hmm yeah, might make a bloodbath version of it someday!
BME on 2012-02-06
@spill: do you think with all the sprite details in some places it would still be fast enough?

NoOne on 2012-02-04 comment
Tekedon, how you get working a Red Potion item?
BME on 2012-02-04
Parhaps it's only a trigger to certain sectors that will change brightness/color after picking up the user-made item?
BME on 2012-02-04
You probably meant something else, never mind
Tekedon on 2012-02-04
Copied it from the alpha.. doesn't work if you copy only the sprite. You need to copy the whole sector the item is in. Just move over an alpha map with the item you want and open in mapedit. Means the code for it must still be left in Blood.
BME on 2012-02-06
What does the red potion do exactly?
BME on 2012-08-24
Easy way to add red potion to the game without using mapedit for alpha first:

Place a (invisible) sprite on the map with RX ID: 7 and TX ID: 100 and Send When: GOING ON. And another sprite: GIB OBJECT, RX ID: 100 and DROP ITEM: 111

BME on 2012-02-04 comment
Impressive sprite work still with playable framerates! The fog and the reflective water adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. The 'potion of all-seeing' is a nice little detail (a sort of beast vision for sectors). This map turned out well considering the almost-out-of-sectors problem.


Tekedon on 2012-02-04 comment
walkthrough can be found here: h ttp://

TheOneCaleb on 2012-02-03 comment
The boats-tour at the beginning was simply impressive. Great swamp!!!!, but in the castle the area started being out of details. And..I could not find the dagger key.
Tekedon on 2012-02-04
Yeah, needed to start cutting down on stuff to get the map atleast a bit longer.. I used up too many sectors in the beginning and especially in the big throne room in the castle.
BME on 2012-02-04
It's somewhere in the throne room

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