Map "Fun House"

Fun House
Jason Brentnall
BloodBath (3-5, Experimental, Hybrid)

Details: Enter the wacky fun house! All is not what it seems.
4.0 (1 ratings)
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Jason Brentnall on 2012-05-21 comment
My brother Martin just sent me the link to this site. I must say it is really cool to see our maps on here that we made about 10 years ago and to see that other people have enjoyed playing them. We made loads of maps and spent 100's hours playing blood and using mapedit and had a loads of fun with it. Actually the maps were mainly just made for me and Martin to play, hence the "secret hideouts" with elaborate trap switches that are pretty much impossible to figure out how to access without looking in mapedit.
Jason Brentnall on 2012-05-21
Any idea why you only have one of my maps? I made loads and some are a lot better than this one!
BME on 2012-06-07
I have 44 maps made by Martin and 26 by you.
BME on 2012-06-08
And to be honest, I find this to be one of the best of all your maps in my collection but you probably still have some more to release?

BME on 2011-09-19 comment
It must be in the author's last name, wacky ideas in this one!


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