Map "Caleb In Time"

Caleb In Time
Single Player
7 big to average size maps with a lot of monsters and action.
3.3 (2 ratings)
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Gideon on 2019-04-14 comment
Does anyone know how level two works? I could not get the skull key lift to the UFO to work, but did manage to dynamite jump my way onto the ship. From there I got the eye key and flipped the switch at the warp engine thing, but can not do anything after that. Did I go somewhere wrong? Where is the eye key meant to be used anyway?
Gideon on 2019-04-18
So I worked out that you trigger the lift into the UFO with the use key (rather than the switch), but that still has not gotten me past what to do with the Eye Key. I even tried no-clipping around to reverse engineer it, but the only way into the next area I can find is locked with the Fire Key, and the Fire Key is on the inside. Any help?
Gideon on 2019-04-18
Okay, I figured it out. There is another lift in the first section of the UFO which raises you into the next part. For whatever reason I keep excepting switches to do everything...
Gideon on 2019-04-18
And if anyone wants to trick the fight with the Cerberus on this level, just lure him into the stairwell area. It makes him a sitting duck.

Nemo on 2013-06-25 comment
Actually I thought this was a pretty decent episode, rather innovative in a number of ways. Personally, I found it great fun to play, though it did have some occasional "bugginess". (For example, Citadel [CiT5] has a grated "dungeon" pit you can fall into, but can't get out of, despite the provision of jump boots below -- the grate placement, unfortunately, blocks access to the stack once you're below.)

Other than that, I found this an enjoyably quirky set of levels, well worth the download. Incidentally, if you haven't seen Elmo's (separate) "Volcano" level, by all means get it -- it's really quite good!
BME on 2014-01-04
Volcano is indeed cool but Cultist Temple is great!

BME on 2012-04-25 comment
An episode with mostly strange and very average maps although some fairly nice areas can be found but most of the time maps look like they're quickly build with little effort or vision.

BME on 2012-06-30
Don't let the screenshots deceive you; the places shown are the best parts and they are very hard to find, most is below average.
BME on 2014-04-22
I can't believe I actually wrote the above, there must have been a mistake with another episode since this one is indeed quite good.

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