Map "The Way Of All Flesh Again (ADD-ON)"

The Way Of All Flesh Again (ADD-ON)
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
NoOne |
It is my the first addon, created in the end of 2006 year.
As a matter of fact given addon does not change history of all game and does not bear in itself anything new, it only gives the chance to pass alternatively first episode. You are waited by 8 levels and new structures. All levels are connected among themselves, and difficulty level is adjusted.

I wait for your responses :)

- On some maps there is no sound (could not adjust Blood).
- It is necessary to replace original files of game.
4.0 (1 ratings)
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BME on 2011-08-01 comment
Done, it's included in the Best Of blood.freeminded map pack

NoOne on 2011-07-14 comment
Thanks, but are not necessary for me - this add-on is not supported for a long time by me. You are free to do with it or for it everything :). If users want.
BME on 2011-07-16
Done, I've uploaded it again

BME on 2011-07-13 comment
The Bat filename hasn't got a valid 8.3 format and furthermore the tiles will be overwritten.

Other than that it's fun to play.

4/5 (7/10)
BME on 2011-07-14
If you need a proper installer I can make one for you.

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