Map "Shrapnel City"

Shrapnel City
Single Player
Dwayne Anderson |
The first level in Legends of Iconoclast for Plasma Pak that I am working on. This level from the original mod got a huge makeover. Uses some of the new art and enemies. Requires the Plasma Pak.
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BME on 2011-06-07 comment
Is it just my imagination or is this map a Shadow Warrior conversion?

Sir Seizhak on 2011-05-12 comment
In fact, looks better than before .

Anderson, I think you should put more details: sprite-work -for example, an electric meter, a balcony, some death innocents...- and architectural details. In my opinion, 'scity' needs more life.

It's a good idea create a remake for LOI. Avoid to put only some enemies, sprites and textures from Plasma Pak. Reinvent the levels and keep the original atmosphere .

BME on 2011-04-30 comment
Looks much better. Just 1 little thing though, perhaps you can change all brick wall textures #181 to #180, because there's some nasty aliasing to be seen when standing in the starting room looking towards that wall. And perhaps the depth ceuing can be set a bit lower to 384 and it would be perfect

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