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Map "Swamp Castle Alpha"

Swamp Castle Alpha
Single Player
Alpha version of my latest map which I'm working on. I hope you enjoy what I have so far!
4.3 (3 ratings)
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BME on 2011-03-19 comment
yeah I know those problems of not having enough sectors left because of spending too much on a very detailed section. It's better to 'sketch' a map first and than gradually build more detail in important places. If possible, try building with sprites where you can (but not that much since it will slow down the frame rate).

much success with bringing this map to a good end!

Tekedon on 2011-03-15 comment

Hey Tek, how are things going with this map?
I cant wait to see this one finished!

It's coming a long. Having some problems on the gameplay side though. Thinking of remaking half of this map. I'll explain.. at first this map was supposed to have two routes, they would both be totally different, but connect at the end of the map.. one route was supposed to be the more beautiful part of the castle not sunken down into the swamp.. and the other part was supposed to be a more destroyed old dirty looking part, with a lot of diving parts. Due to the sector limit I've had to connect these parts early.. mostly due to the throne room eating up most of the sectors :(.. and now the gameplay is suffering.. I'm almost out of sectors and this map is just too short and without many parts I wanted from the beginning.. so it's coming along, but I won't release it until I've fixed the gameplay part.. it's just not fun. :(

BME on 2011-03-11 comment
Hey Tek, how are things going with this map?
I cant wait to see this one finished!

lol on 2011-03-10 comment
@asslips/assface/rectal head/head of ass or whatever other name you have used or going to use in the future; if you don't like the map than make one yourself that has all those things you want instead of bitchin'.

Tekedon on 2011-02-11 comment
Maybe you should try reading descriptions better dude.. this is an ALPHA TEST version of this map.. not nearly done.

HEAD OF ASS on 2011-01-30 comment
Where the fuck are the monsters? It seems like every dumb ass on this website that uploads a SINGLE PLAYER MAP doesn't know how to add some fucking monsters! I mean FUCK! IF YOU'RE GONNA LABEL YOUR MAPS AS SINGLE GOD DAMNED PLAYER, MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE SOME FUCKING MONSTERS! MORONS!

BME on 2010-12-08 comment
Please finish this!

BME on 2010-12-05 comment
There seems to be something wrong with the ZIP, I can't open it.

iliveagain! on 2010-09-17 comment
excellent work!

Sir Seizhak on 2010-09-11 comment
One word: awesome. Good atmosphere, good lighting/shading, a correct use of sprites (hm, I saw some spritework, very interesting) and a good placement of textures. I hope you finish the map.

And, to conclude, who is the author of the music? It's very beautiful .

Tekedon on 2010-08-30 comment
I sent this map to one guy a few days before I uploaded it, I think he might have sent it to more people.. that's why some don't bother downloading before rating.. because they have played it before.

Jerry on 2010-08-29 comment
I look on this page and I am very embittered. 25 people have rated this map so far but ONLY 14 downloaded the map! In order to keep the rating of the maps objective, please, don't rate maps you haven't play! And remember that rating one map more times is not honest.

wangho on 2010-08-21 comment
it's a little tough trying to rate a non-finished map, but I'll take a stab at this.. For starters, colors are deep and rich thanks to your pitch-perfect use of depth-cueing (inside and out of the castle)It's the first thing I really noticed. Good job on using it to your advantage! I don't like the outdoor part. It is too big, with too much of a good thing with all the hands reaching out from under the bog and etc. A much smaller area would enclose everything and add more punch and atmosphere I think. I feel like Im overwhelmed with all the space. The color palette is nice however, for the outdoor swamp area.

The interior of the castle with all the windows is one of the prettiest sights I have seen in a Blood map yet! It's something to behold really. Good choice of textures throughout the interior! If you could continue in that fashion and maybe get a better handle on the outdoor swamp area, the map has a chance of being really great!

BLOODTheChosenOne on 2010-08-17 comment
I love what you have so far. This map seems very promising.

Jerry on 2010-08-15 comment
As I said before the theme "Castle in the swamps" was chosen very well. The architecture is outstanding and the lighting in the throne room is simply perfect. Although the whole map is maybe too big and I fear that enemies won't fill it I look forward to this map.
P.S. Think about changing the stacked underwater sectors in front of the castle. Sometimes it results into a bad glitch.

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