Map "Tchernobog in Time"

Tchernobog in Time
Single Player
Dwayne Anderson |
The exciting sequel to Realms of Circe.

Caleb has recently returned to his home, after he traveled to the Realm of Circe,defeated Tchernobog again, and freed a beautiful damsel from her prison in a monster's body.

But now, Tchernobog is back and has found a way to travel in time in an attempt to destroy Caleb's future.

With the help of Circe, Caleb fights the evil forces invading the city. During the fighting, the Cabal capture Circe, and plan to sacrifice her to Tchernobog in an attempt to lure Caleb into a trap. Now Caleb must travel back in time through several famous historical events including the Titanic, the the French Revolution, World War I, The Civil War, and The American revolution in an attempt to rescue the woman he loves.

This episode is probably more fun and exciting than my other episode probably because of the level design. Most of the levels in this sequel are based on famous time events such as World War I, The Civil War, The Boston Tea Party, The sinking of the Titanic, and the French Revolution. In the final level, you'll discover the legendary Temple of Time that Tchernobog is using to control time.
3.0 (1 ratings)
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BME on 2011-03-17 comment
3/5 of course

BME on 2011-03-13 comment
The shading isn't excellent and the texturing is too repetitive, it looks almost if these maps were converted from another game, SW perhaps because the architecture doesn't go well with the textures.
There are sector effects to be found though but mostly not more spectacular then doors.

3/3 (but barely)

ILMHB on 2010-03-29 comment
Just 2 words: very strange!

There is no shading and totally out of place textures, and sector effects can be found sparsely.

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