Episode "Out for Blood *UPDATE*"

Out for Blood *UPDATE*
Sorry guys, there was a major fault in one map. You couldn't finish map 5. Sorry.
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HKS on 2020-01-29 comment
If you could widen up hatch you supposed to open with switch and jump out of boiling water on OFB03 because most of the time it collides with the player size and simply drowns. Of 10 attempts 8 I simply fail to get out when is open.
Tom on 2020-01-29
Thanks for the hint. I'm not planning to update the episode right now. I'm working on my new episode pretty much all my spare time. It'll be more polished, I promise! (Just four Levels to go and I'm done)

nrvous on 2019-12-11 comment
Anybody knows is it possible to play NBlood ( in cooperative mode?

KNUKE-DMNUKEM on 2019-10-01 comment
Hallo Tom. Ich muss sagen da hast eine sehr gute Arbeit geleistet! Wie lange es gedauert hat möchte ich wohl lieber nicht wissen ;) . Es gibt eigentlich nichts wo man kritisieren, außer bei den flachen Sprites z.B an den Wänden. Die sieht man die Sprites von beiden Seiten was nicht so gut aussieht... Darf ich ich dir ein Tipp geben? Schau doch mal mein Video an: Habe diese Tutorial aber schon früher gemacht. Bewerten würde ich die Episode eindeutig mit 5,0 Schade jedoch das es nur 6 Levels sind. Aber es ist ja auch viel Arbeit dahinter, also ist's schon ok. Viele Grüße.
Tom on 2019-10-05
Hi. Danke für den Hinweis, da hätte ich auch selbst drauf kommen können.
Tom on 2019-10-05
Werde ich bei meiner aktuellen Episode (ist in Bearbeitung) beachten. Ebenso werden diesmal die Render-Unterschiede zwischen Vanilla, NBlood und BuildGDX mitbeachtet. Ich schätze, dass die nächste Episode (ich strebe wieder um die 7 maps an) in 2020 erscheinen wird. Gruß

Pippin on 2019-09-13 comment
Where is the secret I'm missing in level 3? None can find it

Bloatoid on 2019-08-17 comment
Nice detail! I like the use of the slanted floor transitions. I had to start peeking around corners after getting lit up by Cultists a dozen times

Bloatoid on 2019-08-17 comment
Nice detail! I like the use of the slanted floor transitions. I had to start peeking around corners after getting lit up by Cultists a dozen times

Pippin on 2019-08-16 comment
Crashes sometimes with Fresh Supply unfortunatelly. However it crashes ALWAYS when you arrive to the first empty log on fire in level 2 The forest. Can you fix that? If you work on vanilla blood SDK I doubt it will ever work on fresh supply except if the map is reworked.
on 2019-11-20
Have you ever owned a business?

NoOne on 2019-08-15 comment
Let's see what we have here

Tom on 2019-08-15 comment
Thanks for the high praise guys!

Your're right, I worked very hard on the maps. It took a very long time to "complete", debug ,and complete them again.

I tried all of the maps with vanilla, nblood, bloodgdx and fresh supply.
I definitely recommend playing this map pack in vanilla or nblood.
Bloodgdx messes up the colours, that's why it seems so dark in some places.
Fresh supply crashed so many times on me. I gave up running the maps in the current built.

I don't want to spoil finding the entrence to the secret level yourselves but just in case you get stuck or too frustrated here's a small hint for you: (BEWARE! SPOILER AHEAD!)
nrvous on 2019-12-08
Excuse my ignorance but what is vanilla or how to play this map pack in vanilla?
Tom on 2019-12-10
By "vanilla" I'm refering to the first release in DOS. You can play it in dosbox. Just install blood in dosbox, add the files of the mod and type:
blood -ini ofb.ini
nrvous on 2019-12-11
Ok, thanks! :)

Reverendo Bizarro on 2019-08-14 comment
I haven't finished it yet (I'm on map 6), but great stuff so far.

I'd put at least 1 more Scuba Gear in the beginning section of map 5. And as mentioned, that trap after the lava section is needlessly cruel.

Also, I suspect there is a secret level, and that it's on map 5. Am I correct?

pagb666 on 2019-08-13 comment
Truly amazing stuff. Some devious secrets there too... BTW, when coming back from the lava section of level 5, all the cultists waiting for you at the other side of the teleporter is super cheap. And the whole thing is a bit darker than it should imho, this is the very first time I move up my gamma slider a few notches up.

Tekedon on 2019-08-13 comment
This is a very detailed and well crafted episode, lot's of enemies and action. Did not find the secret level but I will try to do that in the second run with another Blood port (Played it with GDX the first run). Thinking of trying how FS holds up in this.
Had some FPS drops down to around 65 fps in a couple of places only but then again my PC isn't high end at all, otherwise the framerate was very stable. Very varied and fun episode, and great effects. I also had many moments where I just felt "WOW, how great does this look". I can tell you worked hard on this. This is honestly the most technically advanced addon since Deatwish. Great job, looking forward to seeing more Blood related content from you! And just a tip, also upload this to the map-section. I totally managed to miss this. I think most people don't check the episode section since episodes are released so seldom.

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