Episode "The Lost Episode"

The Lost Episode
Single Player, BloodBath
(map requires Plasma Pack)
James Wilson and Team... myself Maz, 20 yrs later |
This Episode is made up of eight maps taken straight from the leaked alpha. There are minor changes in aesthetics in a few of the maps however I made sure to keep all maps as close to the original authors intentions and art direction as possible. Story, how to install and commentary are provided in an accompanying readme.... I hope you enjoy.
4.3 (3 ratings)
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Krypto on 2015-04-18 comment
Thought I'd share my thoughts here since Maz hasn't responded to my e-mail or remarks on the Postmortem thread as of yet.

It's a genuinely surprising yet fascinating project to come to light. Take the best maps out of the leaked Alpha, touch them up, give them a new coat of paint, amp the difficulty up and release it to the last remaining loyal Bloodites around the globe.

It'd be inaccurate to comment on the maps themselves since their by James Wilson for the most part and the original team so my thoughts will be directed to the overall modification/edit presented.

I'm not sure if this was intentional but I do not understand the gross lack of armor in most maps, apart from a cryptic, secret on each map I assume which contains a 'Super Armor' conventional armor is not to be found anywhere and this really hurts the balance of the gameplay because it simply isn't a cushion to help you sustain more hits but is a vital asset to your survival especially with the large amount of Cultists and high number of traps.

I understand the desire to keep the maps authentic to the original but this didn't need to extend to item placement, the medicine pouch in the Alpha healed you in doses of 5 but in the retail it's 50 so the litter of pouches didn't need to be left in on E3M6 and E3M8 as it looks silly and again hurts the balance of the game.

For the maps themselves they have a very good sense of inter-connectivity with many paths to explore if so desired giving a great sense of exploration, it's especially fun for coop as I've had the pleasure of playing this online. The enemy placement is versatile and complements maximizing their effective given the surrounding environment, Acolytes on ledges/corners, Zealots in ambushes, Phantasms and Hellhounds in cramped areas etc.

Overall a very well bit episode but the mentioned lack of armor and strange item placement hurts it a little.

I give it 4 innocent victims out of 5!

john on 2015-02-10 comment
an yes,it did remind me a lot of the plasma pak , i really enjoyed this, i'd rate it a 4 of 5
john on 2015-02-10
btw, this site is awesome.
john on 2015-02-10
not trying to spam or anything,but i didnt notice any mini-calebs in there. Maye add more plants too from the plsma pack and some mini- calbes ,you know?those were always funny. but still ,great addon !!!
Maz on 2015-02-23
Havent been on here in a while, very busy lately... Thanks for your comments John they really made my day! I am so happy you like it. Lol sry about the mini calebs, they are probably the only thing i did not like about blood. They only show up like twice in the plasma pak and are hard to kill. I thought about putting a few in at one point for ppl like u but in the end i got selfish and decided not to cuz i hate them... If i ever get the time to go threw and fix all the little things ill put some in for you, no promises tho ;)

john on 2015-02-10 comment
i play through this last night and it was awesome,man. good work.
john on 2015-02-10
yeah,i thik you need to add some mini- calebs to the maps you know.why did you leave the mini calbes out for?lol
john on 2015-02-10
yep,meat thew tiny calebs or whatver theyre alled you knoiw
known on 2015-02-19
or tiny cultists...............

BME on 2014-12-08 comment
On second sight I would have given a 3.5 though. I noticed there are some windows with blocked walls, like the one at the start of map1 where it overlooks the water. Hopefully you fix this together with the bridges that are not blocking and the doors that suddenly slam shut it will be very enjoyable episode.
Maz on 2014-12-09
I wasn't planning on it cuz I didnt know I could resubmit. Please let me know how to resubmit and send me a list of issues. I will fix them all this weekend.
BME on 2014-12-09
I'm sure if you e-mail the admin the updated version he will replace it for you. Ok, give me some time to test and make a list.
Hopefully other people will also help to find things.
NoOne on 2014-12-09
@Maz: that bridge on last map: is easy to jump to other side than search the key.
BME on 2014-12-10
The eye key can be picked up by jumping on a torch and then towards the wall sprite with the skull-skeleton-thing that will push the player up there, so it's better remove the wall sprite.
john on 2015-02-10
now why is that not in the bunch????eh???

BME on 2014-12-02 comment
Ok, played it through on Lightly Broiled, the enemy and item balance seems to be in order. The episode has a very nice selection of maps with quite a variety of themes.
Some maskable walls and sprite bridges do not always block where they obviously should.

There are unfortunately also a few flaws to be found here and there; a couple of doors do not have an OFF busytime resulting in a sudden closing, or perhaps these doors had to be 1-shot?

All in all a very enjoyable episode,

Maz on 2014-11-29 comment
I dont have the option to directly reply to ppl? Anyway yea I felt that way playing threw them too, i really like the art direction of all the alpha maps many were better than retail in my opinion. The other map on this site is barbas submitted by an annyonmous the alpha name was gmbabrth and it is the last level in this episode.
BME on 2014-11-30
You refering to map7 as being the same as barabas?

About directly replying; just click on the red reply text at the right side of each comment.
BME on 2014-11-30
Btw; If the Barabas map is zoomed out it clearly looks like a skull with at his forehead a flag with a cross and a crescent inside. Looks like it has been done on purpose for some reason.
Maz on 2014-11-30
Thx, i feel stupid now... Yes it is very cool when you zoom out for the first time. Makes me wonder about how the map was made. Maybe they had the idea of a giant skull level, made it in 2d mode then in 3d fixed up details once it looked right in 2d mode? In any case very cool idea.
NoOne on 2014-12-06
It seems that peoples going to cracy if they think alphs maps is better than retail. Just like alpha sawed-off...
Maz on 2014-12-06
.....yes I also think alpha shotgun was way better than retail- it was more realistic and looked like a shotgun should instead of a rectangular block of silver. I would have added the sprite if I knew how to get rid of the hand in akimbo mode.
NoOne on 2014-12-08
Ok ok lets think that alpha shotgun is really better than retail (for me still not). But maps... They looks pretty doomish style thus toyish with all these crazy labyrinths.

I think retail maps is better just becoz they looks more realistic and add to Blood special atmosphere than copy Doom. It seems lith guys just dont want be another Doom clone (even if they first start as clone as you can read in alpha documents). Instead of this they make own game with own (and creative btw. for that time) vision.
NoOne on 2014-12-08
The only one thing i really like in alpha is some textures.
NoOne on 2014-12-08
Wait wait, why you need add alpha sprites in retail? i already made alpha sawed off for retail
Maz on 2014-12-09
Wait wait, you made alpha shotgun for retail? Does the second hand go away if you get akimbo? If so where can i download?

I have heard many people say the first map is doomish but is it really? When i think of a doom map i think of brown walls with colorful buttons and grey floors. All the plasma pak maps are alpha xpt for the first 3. Many of the retail maps can be found in alpha as well, a perfect example is fire and brimstone. The alpha maps in this episode are also pretty distinct to blood. You have a cultist fortress which is reminiscent episode 4 and some plasma levels, you have a haunted house which is very similar to episode 2 maps, you have two sewer styled maps which look similar to maps in episode 3 and 4 and finally you have a map that is literally in the shape of a giant skull- i dont know what to compare it too but its pretty original IMO.
NoOne on 2014-12-09
About alpha sawed-off.
Weapon mod 1.X have alpha sawed off already. You might even try all versions 1.0,1.1 and 1.3. They all contain diffirent tweaks.

I cant post links here somewhy but you can mail me or go to blood repository to get it.
BME on 2014-12-10
I think alpha maps are inferior but the ones you've selected and brushed up are very good. But I like early versions of maps like the Hollowed Grounds or Overlooked Hotel one, especially that last one changed a lot.
Tekedon on 2015-03-09
Just gonna give my 2 cents on the alpha shotgun :P I like a few things about it, more realistic? No... I do like the black color though, but nothing wrong with silver. The retail shotgun has alot more "oompfh" though, alpha shotgun feels pretty weak, more like a peashooter.

HenitoKisou on 2014-11-29 comment
In some way this feels like Post Mortem Part 2 as both, Plasma Pak and this were made from unused content.
Maz on 2014-11-30
I am happy you feel that way. It was the feeling i wanted to have when i played threw the maps. They definitely could have made a whole other expansion pack with this stuff. They would already have another boss for it too... Mother pod! Wish i coulda fixed that enemy for this...
I love pointing out the fact that many of the retail maps are from alpha as well. Fire and brimestone, the dam level, and e1m6 are all in the alpha.

Maz on 2014-11-29 comment
Damn, i have noticed two of the maps from the alpha and thus in this episode are already on this site...if id have known this prior i would have picked different maps to fix up... i doubt they were submitted by the original authors if they have an incomplete feeling and lack sound.
BME on 2014-11-29
Besides Jmaus there's another one?

Maz on 2014-11-28 comment
Yes the original map name from the alpha is jmaus for level 3. The name you provided could be another member of the qstudio team or wilson. I know he used the name shade when signing the retail blood maps. If some one was trying to take credit for the map i doubt they would keep the original map name.

BME on 2014-11-28 comment
I remember playing map 3 before under the name 'JMaus' by 'Wendemere', is that another nick of Wilson or just someone who claimed the map as his own?

Robman on 2014-11-28 comment
Screenshots sell maps.
BME on 2014-11-28

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