Episode "Bloody Pulp Fiction (rescripted)"

Bloody Pulp Fiction (rescripted)
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Wangho, Red Fanatic and Diman
Rescripted, installs fully in DOSBox.

1. Open DOSBox config file with Notepad and set MEMSIZE = 128
2. Drag BPF.BAT onto the DOSBox icon to play

Have fun!
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

wangho on 2016-05-06 comment
tell me more, Nemo... what's your favorite maps? Details my man!
Nemo on 2016-09-15
wangho: I could practically write a book! And there certainly aren't any of your maps I dislike.

But since you mentioned "details", I think that's what it's really all about for me. Your levels are so amazingly intricate and multi-dimensional (sound, graphics, effects, and pacing), that there's rarely if ever a "dull moment" in them. Your incidental effects are especially creative -- love the snow plow in Cabalanche, for example. Even the opening cut scene is a perfect complement to the episode, setting the tone from the very start.

Cabalanche is definitely a favorite. The Elvis "Blue Christmas" in the pub was sheer genius. Likewise, "Dreck the Halls". From a sentimental standpoint, "Old Desert Town and its underground sequel really struck a chord with me. I've travelled out West, and actually visited places much like that one -- veritable "ghost towns". (Loved the windblown James Dean and creaking gas station sign.)

What you've done that really makes the totality of the episode exceptional is to create a totally immersive experience -- an actual "world", chock full of sensory stimulation. (I'm not really sure how to describe this, but being there really feels like BEING there.) And the "on the road" transitional maps are a great touch!

Like I said, I could almost write book. While I initially felt the supply (ammo) was a little deficient, the enemy placement and density were spot on, keeping things exciting front to back.

Otherwise, there's just TOO much to list. But it's a fantastic piece of work. Ambience, ambience, and more ambience!

Did I mention "Back Lot"? (Wow!)

Damn, now I've got the urge to play it all over again. :)
Nemo on 2016-09-15
Incidentally, I suspect any "sound problems" may be attributable to some deficiency in DosBox. I play Blood under native Dos (Doshigh, NO EMS or XMS, as recommended for DOS/4GW games) and don't recall having ANY of the maps ever actually crash.

It's also possible that the NT versions of windows (XP and up) carried forward a slightly flawed memory manager. Build.exe exhibits problems if Windows 98's (Dos 7.0) version of EMM386 is active, even *when* run under native Dos.

And the frame rate slow-downs frequently cited here simply don't occur in Blood under Dos, at least on my system (PII-600). So, to anyone who can do it, I'd recommend setting up a dual-boot system to ALLOW going back to plain vanilla Dos when warranted, and Blood is definitely a case where it certainly can be.

(Windows 98 supports mult-config boots in Config.sys that can be used to boot DIRECTLY to Dos, rather than having to "exit to Dos mode", which leaves the potentially offending memory manager in place.)

ninja destroyer on 2015-05-23 comment
Anyone know what to do in the Backlot level after jumping down into the water. Caleb is just repeating "down the hatch" and nothing happens ,
BME on 2015-07-02
A repeating sound indicates that the sound was replaced by a non existing custom one and that the sound is generated by the Ambient Sound Gen and not as Caleb's voice.

BME on 2013-12-18 comment
It seems that a lot of people are still downloading the previous versions/installers of this add-on and having major problems with them. This is the only version that does not waste a lot of megabytes and installs everything in 1 go.
BME on 2013-12-22
And yes, BPF is still able to crash after playing a couple of maps but that's the fault of the overkill of sounds used (which has nothing to do with the installer of course).

wangho on 2013-09-21 comment
man this addon is awesome! ;)
known on 2013-09-24
yeah, we would almost forget it's about BPF instead of explaining mapedit. 2nd map is my favorite!
BME on 2013-11-18
The amount of sounds used is a little bit over the limit though as it will still crash after playing a few maps eventhough memory size is set to 128 MB (which is according to the makers of DOSBox not a very good idea).
known on 2013-12-19
@how come this version isn't mentioned at all on postmortem (in the BPF topic) while it was upload well in advance (2 months)?
Nemo on 2015-10-17

I couldn't agree more. I've always thought this one, particularly your own episode, was among the very BEST of Blood offerings!

I'm extremely sentimental about it, occasional warts and all. You really made some fabulous choices in the design of Caleb's Road Trip; it's truly an innovative one-of a-kind!

samibutt on 2013-09-16 comment
thnx thnx

samibutt on 2013-09-15 comment
i know how ot works but what i dont know is that where should we place the level in blood ini program so that it becomes the secret level........i mean in which order?
BME on 2013-09-15
It doesn't really matter that much since the engine can always jump FROM any map TO any map (even backwards). So It is possible to jump from map1 to map4 to map3 to map5 to map2 if you really wanted to.
But normally a secret map is the last one defined in the list.
Use INI Mini 1.0+ to generate the INI file and then change EndingB of 1 map to the number of the secret map in Notepad.

samibutt on 2013-09-06 comment
known on 2013-09-07
So now we can expect 2 crappy maps just to demonstrate a secret level?
known on 2013-10-22
wait, something tells me it will be 10 maps instead...

samibutt on 2013-09-03 comment
how can we make a secret level in an episode.......
BME on 2013-09-06
A secret level is just a regular map that is jumped to from another map that has 2 end triggers, 1 of those will call for the secret map.
You do this by making a switch or a sector (touch plate) sending an ON through channel 5.
BME on 2013-09-10
I assume you know how the INI file works.

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