Episode "Alone In The Dark 2"

Alone In The Dark 2
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
NoOne aka Diman
The second in the NEW BAITD series, rescripted.
Installs fully in DOSBox.

Have fun!
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

pagb666 on 2017-12-04 comment
I am currently playing this one, as the secret level from Pulp Fiction E3... and I've been terribly stuck for like two hours. It's driving me nuts. I also spent like half an hour searching for any online help like a walkthrough or a youtube video with no success.

This is what I've accomplished so far:
- Got every ritual item, plus both books
- The small key behind the drawers
- Entered the 974 on the maze machine (did nothing?)
- Destroyed the machine with explosives
- Performed the ritual at the maze altar, obtaining both powerups
- Killed a zombie at the maze and got "!You carried out a problem!" message
I've restarted several times and it doesn't make a difference. Any help? Someone must've played this recently with GDX
pagb666 on 2017-12-04
Also located things with the goonies cheat that could help advance further, but can't access them:
- In the bedroom upstais a key locked door hiding another ritual room
- A crystal ball behind bars below the hedge maze
- A locked hedge niche with small room behind atop the mansion entrance
pagb666 on 2017-12-11
Turns out it wasn't working correctly under BloodGDX. The small key behind the drawers would not open the intended door.

BME on 2012-04-25 comment
Fixed (incl. some texture problems) & re-uploaded!

BME on 2012-04-10 comment
Is it just me or do others also hear constantly caleb saying "whooo! just me"?
BME on 2012-04-23
Will be fixed soon.

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